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Form and standard Standing, for riding, self-running type 1000 forma name SS-1000WDLX body size (length X width X height) 3980×1510×1380(œ) car body weight 1515 The lowest height 190œ Size of wheel 26×10.00-12, 8PR a number of speed-changing step 10 Forward steps, 2 backward steps maximum traveling speed 13.7ž/h liquid medicine tank capacity 1000 spraying pump form name YH100A commonly used pressure of spraying pump 15f/  the number of commonly used rotations of a ventilator 2800rpm wind of a ventilator 579.6¥/min the number of spraying nozzles 24EA (nozzle caliber 1.0 ×1.2 œ) Engine used for traveling form and form name V type two-cylindered air cooling gasoline engine, HONDA GX670 rated power/maximum power 18 ps /3300 rpm / 20 ps /3400 rpm fuel tank capacity 18 engine used for ventilation form and form name Water cooling four-cylindered gasoline engine, Hyundai G4EB-F1 rated power/maximum power 42 ps /3500 rpm / 49.3 ps /4800 rpm fuel tank capacity 30 internal size of lading box (length X width X height) 1630×1340×240(œ)